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Contact: Caojie
Company Tel: 0915-3284606
Address: Northwest Electronic Information Park, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province


After-sales Service Policy of Ankang Supermarket
1. The after-sales service provided by our company:
1. Consulting service: Before users use the product, please read the instructions carefully. If you encounter any problems in use, you can contact the local distributor or login at
2. Package replacement service: within seven days from the date of purchasing the machine, during the period of package replacement, there are non-artificial faults in normal use. Please keep the appearance of the products, accessories and packaging intact (if the appearance is damaged, for warranty treatment). After checking and confirming the faults, you can choose to change or repair. Users can contact the local distributor to deal with them.
3. Warranty service: one year from the date of purchase of the machine, during the warranty period, the normal use of non-man-made failure, can enjoy free warranty service (if man-made damage, for fee-based maintenance treatment).
4. Charge maintenance service: If the product fails within one to three years from the date of purchase, it can be charged for maintenance. Users need to pay for components, transportation and reasonable maintenance labor.
5. The following circumstances are not covered by the three packages. Our company can provide paid services:
5.1 Over the three-package period;
5.2 Correct three packages of vouchers, no serial number or serial number is not in conformity with the product itself;
5.3 Damage of products caused by human factors (e.g. failure to operate, maintain or keep according to instructions, malfunction caused by installation errors, inappropriate power supply, water inflow, oil seepage, breakdown, etc.);
5.4 Product failure or damage caused by force majeure such as fire, flood, lightning strike, earthquake, etc.
5.5 No valid three packages of vouchers and invoices;
5.6 Unauthorized dismantling, repairing or refitting.
6. The right to interpret the contents of these three packages of vouchers is vested in Ankang Chaomaite Technology Co., Ltd. If there is any change, no further notice will be given.
2. Notes on after-sales service:
1. The date of purchase shall be based on the repair card or purchase invoice. If no valid proof can be provided, the date of production shall be the basis.
2. Quality issues do not include subjective objections to sound quality and timbre.
3. Shells, instructions and packages are not covered by the warranty service.
4. For the service of the discontinued products, the company makes functional repairs (the appearance may be different from that of the original products).
3. After purchasing the machine, the user should keep the purchase certificate and the warranty card properly. Before use, please read the instructions carefully.